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Wooden Garden Gates

All entry gates are sold as single leaves and do not include posts, accessories or fixings unless specified.

For posts, accessories or fixings please select "related products" or navigate to relevant areas of the site.



Finding the right timber garden gate is easy when you shop with us. We have a wide variety of single garden gates that are suitable for use as side entrance, yard or garden path gates.

Path Gates

If you are looking for a low level path gate we have a range of traditional timber picket gates that start from 3ft high and can be supplied up to 6ft high. You can choose from pointed top, round top or square top palisade options.

Yard Gates


Feather Edge Gates

Perhaps you want a traditional feather edge gate for your yard entrance? You can shop online for our 6ft tall versions, you can either choose a fully framed gate (Country gate) or opt for our standard feather edge gates.

The standard version comes in a rounded top or square top option. If you want a different size standard feather edge gate we can make these to order but you'll have to call us with your requirements.


Tongue and Groove Gates

We offer a solid tongue and groove gate, “Town Gate”, that start from 4ft high and also comes in 5ft and 6ft options.

Alternatively we offer a 6ft round top tongue and groove gate for those who like a little extra decoration.


Decorative Gates

If you are after something a little more decorative you could opt for our York, Devon or Sussex gates. York and Devon gates are both fully framed and offer a two layer cladding. York gate cladding runs diagonally whilst Devon cladding runs horizontally. Both these gates come in a round or flat top option.

Our Sussex gate is our best seller. This comes decoration with strength. Fully framed, this gate also has a double cladding effect with boards running horizontally. What sets this garden gate apart is the arch top trellis fixture which adds a nice decorative touch to the gate.


All our gates are supplied without posts and fittings. We have a wide range of styles of furniture and sizes of posts that can be sourced from our gate post section and gate furniture section.

Be careful with measurements, all our gates come in standard sizes and heights so check your entry gap first. If you need a special size we may be able to help on picket, feather edge or tongue and groove gates. Call us to discuss options.

At Oakdale we pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship and the standard of health and safety guidelines followed on all our work.

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