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If you need a garden fence that is quick to install, easy to replace when damaged and cost effective then our fence panels are the ideal option for you. These panels can easily be installed with only a small selection of hand tools. Simply install either a wooden or concrete fence post, place your panel and get the mark for the next post. If you have a damaged panel, lift it out of the fence line and slot a replacement in. Overlap and feather edge panels are available in industry standard imperial sizes so interchanging panels is easy.

Are you looking for privacy or decoration? Need to close off a boundary line or create privacy screens to hide the compost heap or the shed? We have a range of fence panels for sale to suit every budget and every situation.

Our basic overlap fence panel is a great starting point, six foot wide and available in a variety of heights from three feet through to six feet. These panels offer privacy at the best price. If you want to add a little decoration try adding trellis to the tops of the panels. These panels can be used with concrete fence posts and gravel boards or with traditional wooden fence posts.

Looking for a heavy duty option? Opt for a feather edge panel. These panels are fully framed offering high levels of rigidity. Traditional feather edge boards offer good levels of privacy and these panels can be topped with trellis for extra height and decoration. Available in standard six foot widths and in heights of 3ft through to 6ft these panels can be nailed/screwed to timber fence posts or used with slotted concrete fence posts .

Want a high level of decoration that sets your fence apart from the crowd? Select a wooden decorative fence panel from our range. Our decorative panels come with built in trellis complete with a wave top for high levels of decoration. Fully framed and with inset fascia boards, these panels are a great “two sided” option with strength and durability combined. These panels are created in metric sizes so do not generally fit between existing posts where overlap or fether edge panels have been used before. Available in a variety of heights (0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m) these panels can be used with concrete or timber fence posts . We can supply specialist ribbed timber fence posts for the ultimate decorative touch.

Perhaps you want a more natural looking option to repair an existing fence line or to easily create a privacy screen. We offer thick natural hazel and willow fence panels that are ideal for hiding compost heaps or adding to the natural woodland feel of a garden. Available in 1.8m x 1.8m sizes these panels can be attached to timber or concrete fence posts using tying wire or cable ties.


Handy Hint 1 - If you are buying posts to go with fence panels don't forget to buy post 2ft longer than the height of your finished fence to allow for setting in concrete!

Handy Hint 2 - If you are installing a fence 4ft or lower we recomend using 3x3 timber posts, for fences above 4ft use 4x3 minimum but 4x4 recommended!

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