Prior to undertaking any landscaping or garden renovations, the first thing new home owners look towards adding is new fencing. There are clear advantages to erecting a fence in your back garden including the creation of clearly defined boundaries between you and your new neighbours (avoiding any future conflicts regarding land ownership), and adding additional privacy to your house.

Depending on the size of the fence you choose it can either be used as a means to stop entry or escape from you garden. Those people moving into a new property who have pets such as dogs will see fencing as a vital measure to ensure that their pet can not escape and is free to roam in their back garden as it pleases. While chicken wire and or a small picket fence will be ideal for enclosing smaller breeds such as Staffordshire bull terriers or Jack Russells, larger dogs will require substantially big fence panels (to 6ft)

securing your garden

We also stock a wide range of decorative fence panels that will both secure your garden whilst adding beauty and something a little bit different to the traditional fence panels.

While large fence panels and clearly defined boundaries will provide ideal solutions for suburban housing, 3ft fence panels or small decorative trellis is more suited to inner city property such as ground floor studio apartments.

Regardless of the size or style of the fencing that you require, Oakdale Fencing are happy to help you find the right fencing you need. Our trained experts will assist you in purchasing all the correct fencing equipment to ensure that your garden is fully secure. Unlike many other large scale commercial businesses who stock fencing supplies amongst a range of other equipment, here at Oakdale Fencing we specialise in fencing. If you have any queries regarding choosing the right fence posts to match the fence panels you plan on getting, our friendly team will guide and advise you on making the right choice.

Here at Oakdale Fencing we supply tanalised timber fencing that ensures your fence is resistant to harsh weather conditions and rot over future years.