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Fence Panels

All the fence panels featured on this page are available from stock with delivery in 2-5 working days.


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If you need a garden fence that is quick to install, easy to replace when damaged and cost effective then our panels are the ideal option for you. Our fence panels can be easily installed using only a small selection of hand tools. Simply install either a wooden or concrete post, place your panel and get the mark for the next post. If you have a damaged unit, lift it out of the line and slot a replacement in. Overlap and feather edge variants are available in industry standard imperial sizes so interchanging units is easy.

Types of Fencing Panels

Are you looking for privacy or decoration? Need to close off a boundary line or create privacy screens to hide the compost heap or the shed? We have a range of fencing panels for sale to suit every budget and every situation.

Our basic overlap panel is a great starting point, six foot wide and available in a variety of heights from three feet through to six feet. These offer privacy at the best price. If you want to add a little decoration try adding trellis to the tops of the fence line. Overlaps can be used with concrete posts and gravel boards or with traditional wooden posts.

Looking for a heavy duty option? Opt for a feather edge fencing panels. These are fully framed offering high levels of rigidity. Traditional feather edge boards offer good levels of privacy and these panels can be topped with trellis for extra height and decoration. Available in standard six foot widths and in heights of 3ft through to 6ft they can be nailed/screwed to timber posts or used with slotted concrete posts .

Want a high level of decoration that sets your fence apart from the crowd? Choose from our range of decorative fencing panels. Our decorative options come with built in trellis complete with a wave top for high levels of decoration. Fully framed and with inset fascia boards, these fencing panels are a great “two sided” option with strength and durability combined. These panels are created in metric sizes so do not generally fit between existing posts where overlap or feather edge variants have been used before. Available in a variety of heights (0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m) they can be used with concrete or timber posts . We can supply specialist ribbed timber posts for the ultimate decorative touch.

Things to consider when choosing a Fence Panel

Depending on the size of the area that you wish to fence, there are a wide range of options you may wish to consider when choosing the right fence panels for you. First and potentially most importantly, you need to consider the purpose of the fence. Are you looking at fencing panels as a means of creating a boundary line between yourself and a neighbour? In which case, you may be happy building a low fence using fencing panels such as our 3ft picket fence panels. These panels will create a boundary line without distorting any views across neighbouring land (ideal if your land looks out to a country view or fields. However if you are wanting to build a fence will the intention of introducing some privacy into your garden, it is likely that our range of 6ft fence panels would be more appropriate.

If you are looking for something more decorative then our horizontal lattice top fence panels with an incorporated trellis on top may be more appropriate.

The type of fencing panels you choose may also depend on your budget. Oakdale Fencing Ltd stock a variety of different priced fence panels to suit any budget. Our overlap traditional fence panels are available in a variety of size and will provide complete privacy.

Treatments for Fence Panels

Tanalised fence panels are treated with a chemical preservative compound. This treatment helps to prolong the life expectancy of the fence panel. Tantalised fencing panels are more durable and resilient to fungus and rot. The tantalising treatment carried out on our fence panels is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and animals. This treatment can increase the life expectancy of fencing panels to up to 25 years.

Heights of Fence Panels

Our fencing panels come in a variety of different sizes to suit your fencing needs. Our fence panels range from 3ft to 6ft with a variety of different styles available. Below is a guide to fence panel heights and the amount of privacy they provide.

3ft Fence Panels

This is the smallest size that Oakdale Fencing Ltd stock. While it offers little in the form of privacy, it will create a definitive boarder and help segregate land and define clear boundaries. This is the cheapest fence panel that we provide.

4ft Fence Panels

This size panel will help you secure your garden and set a clear boarder line. Depending on your own height, these panels will be around chest height for many and still allow for visibility onto neighbouring land. These panel are also good for containing pets such as small dogs.

5ft Fence Panels

These panels will add a level of privacy and help secure your garden. This height of panel may be appropriate if you are looking to build a garden fence but would still like to just a bout see over the top. 5ft panels would also be appropriate for containing most larger dogs.

6ft Fence Panels

This height offers the best level of privacy and will also help deter potential intruders. It will likely contain ever type of dog and help secure your garden.

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