Creating a Contemporary Garden Design

Creating a Contemporary Garden Design

Creating a contemporary garden involves a blend of minimalist aesthetics and practical functionality. Here at Oakdale, we stock a variety of products that will help you create your perfect garden. Whether you have a sizeable outdoor space or a smaller sized garden you wish to transform. Your choice of fence panels and landscaping plays a crucial role in defining the style and character of your garden.

One of the standout choices for contemporary fencing is the Venetian fence panels. These panels are characterised by their horizontal slats, which create a sleek, modern look. The evenly spaced slats allow light and air to flow through, making them ideal for creating a sense of openness while maintaining privacy. Venetian fence panels are versatile and can be used to define boundaries, create garden partitions, or provide a backdrop for plants and garden features. Made from high-quality, durable materials, these panels are designed to withstand the elements while retaining their stylish appearance. Whether you prefer natural wood tones or painted finishes, Venetian fence panels can seamlessly blend into any contemporary garden design.

Venitian fence panels

Creating a Summer Seating Area

Decking is another essential element in contemporary garden design, offering a stylish and practical solution for creating outdoor living spaces. A well-designed deck can serve as an extension of your home, providing a perfect area for dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing. By incorporating decking into your garden, you can create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. Here at Oakdale we stock a variety of different decking options including anti-slip and pressure treated planed timber decking.

Modern Bedding Structures for Plants

Railway sleepers are versatile and robust, making them an excellent choice for creating contemporary bedding structures in your garden. These sturdy pieces of timber can be used to build raised beds, retaining walls, and even garden furniture. When used for plant bedding, railway sleepers provide a modern, rustic charm that complements contemporary garden designs. They can be arranged in various configurations to create geometric shapes and clean lines, which are hallmarks of contemporary aesthetics. Additionally, railway sleepers are incredibly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring your garden structures remain intact for years. Whether you choose new or reclaimed sleepers, their natural texture and colour add warmth and character to your garden.

contemporary garden

Integrating Modern Elements for a Cohesive Design

Other aspects such as modern lighting, water features, and minimalist garden furniture can further enhance the contemporary feel of your outdoor space. At Oakdale Fencing, we offer a wide range of fencing options, decking materials, and railway sleepers to help you create the garden of your dreams. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability, ensuring your garden remains beautiful and functional for years to come.