Concrete Gravel Boards

Oakdale Fencing stock a range of concrete gravel boards in different finishes. Available from stock for 2-5 working day delivery throughout the UK. Our concrete gravel boards are available in different heights and can be cut to size to suit your fencing.


What Are Concrete Gravel Boards?

Concrete gravel boards are a long term cost effect method of improving the longevity of your fence panels. Easy to install, concrete gravel boards raise your fence panels off the ground, helping to reduce the risk of moisture damage such as rot and decay that would otherwise be caused by damp or wet ground.

Concrete gravel boards can be used with both concrete fence posts (by simply slotting them into place), and with traditional wooden fence posts with the addition of gravel board brackets. As well as protecting your fence panels, concrete gravel boards add overall rigidity to your fence and help hold your fence panels in place.

What Size Do Concrete Gravel Boards Come In?

The standard width of a concrete gravel board is 6ft. This matches the width of a standard fence panel (also 6ft wide). Our concrete gravel boards are available in two different heights. These are 6 inches and 12 inches (1ft). If you would like your fence panel raised higher from the ground, we would recommend the 12 inch (1ft) concrete gravel boards. When ordering your concrete fence posts, make sure to take into consideration the height of your concrete gravel boards as you will need to allow for the additional height.

Types Of Concrete Gravel Boards

Oakdale Fencing supply a variety of different concrete gravel boards. Depending on how high you wish to raise your fence panel, our concrete gravel boards come in 6 inch and 12 inch options.

We also stock concrete gravel boards in a variety of different finishes depending on your cosmetic preference. These include our decorative rock faced gravel boards, recessed concrete gravel boards and our plain smooth finished concrete gravel boards. All of these options are easy to install and provide a significant level of protection to your fencing project.

If you need gravel boards tailored to a specific height or length, please contact us.

If you are installing a traditional close board or feather-edge fence we can supply six inch high concrete gravel boards to suit. We offer this variant in two different lengths (2.4m and 3m) dependant on post spacing. This item can be bolted to recessed concrete fence posts by way of a carriage bolt or can be screwed to timber posts.

Concrete Gravel Board Installation

Once your first concrete fence post has been erected and is set in place, ensure that the area you are fencing is level and measure the distance of your gravel board and dig a hole where you need to install your second fence post. Place your concrete gravel board in the grove of the first fence post. concrete gravel boards installation Once in place install your fence panel on top of the concrete gravel board and in the grove of the fence post. Erect your second fence post ensuring the fence panel and gravel board fit in the posts slot. Repeat until you have completed your fencing project.

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