Concrete Fencing Products

Here at Oakdale Fencing we supply a wide range of concrete fencing products suitable for a variety of fencing solutions. We supply the normal fencing concrete slotted posts in medium weight concrete. The medium weight posts are produced for us, as we believe them to be stronger than the lite-cast post.

Common Concrete Fencing Products

All the other concrete posts, including the heavy duty slotted posts are supplied in the regular weight concrete. Our concrete slotted posts are to the full length. We do NOT sell the rounded down length posts, ( putting a 6ft high fence up using rounded down posts will only give you 18-19 inch in the ground, which in our opinion is not sufficient). Oakdale Fencing Ltd have all the common concrete fencing products you could need if you are constructing a garden fence or erecting a chain link fence.

The Durability of Concrete Fencing

Opting for concrete items can often be more expensive than purchasing timber equivalents, but in the long run they are often more durable. The concrete items we supply are top quality. We carry a range of heavy duty items as well as the latest “medium weight” products and all our items are reinforced for extra strength. Our concrete fence posts for sale include slotted, recessed and chain link fence posts, as well as godfathers for use with timber posts. Click on the link above for slotted concrete fence posts if you need a post suitable for use with traditional garden fence panels. We supply both heavy duty and litecast versions. If you want to mount timber posts above ground level to avoid rot check out our concrete godfathers in the concrete fence post section. If you need recessed posts for a traditional close board fencing or need a concrete chain link fence post or post for wire check out the concrete fence post section. Gravel boards are a great way to keep timber fence panels and other timber fence cladding off the ground and avoid rot. We have a selection of concrete gravel boards to suit most applications. Our boards are available in two different heights and with a number of different fascias. You are sure to find a gravel board that is suitable for your fence.