Bulk Aggregates

For decorative stone : 1no Jumbo bag will provide 40mm depth coverage to approx 10 square metres of area.

All the products featured on this page are available from stock with delivery in 2-5 working days.


If you're looking to do a large job you don't want to mess about with 25 kg bags. We have a full range of popular aggregates that we can deliver to you in bulk bags. No matter what type of job you have got we probably have the bulk aggregate to suit. Check out our range above. Decorative Chippings Looking to tidy up a driveway or keep weeds down in flower beds? Looking to restyle your garden or borders? We have a wide range of the most popular chippings available in bulk bags that we can deliver to your driveway. The most popular items in our range include blue slate chippings, cotswold stone chips and plumb slate chippings. We have a wide variety of chippings in 25kg bags if you are not in the market for a jumbo bulk bag.

Bulk Gravels

Bulk gravels are ideal for topping up existing driveways, lining water features or creating garden paths. We offer two styles of gravel. You can opt for a standard pea gravel or select driveway gravel in either 10mm or 20mm sizes to suit existing.

Sand And Ballast

If you're laying a patio, building a wall or installing a fence you're going to need bags of bulk sand and ballast. For patio and paving we can offer bulk bags of sharp sand. For brickwork, mortar and concrete we can do building sand – need to make lots of concrete? Use our ballast and mix in cement and water to create the strength you need.


Got a rutted gate way or a patch of soft driveway? Perhaps you need some fill for a floor foundation – we have hardcore that can stiffen up soft ground or fill large voids. Call us with your requirements and we can calculate coverage and how many bags you'll need. If you need any help working out how many bags you need for a job or you want bulk aggregates that don't feature on this page call us on 024 76 588 900 and we can get you sorted.