Decorative Aggregates 25Kg

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If you want to change the style of your garden or update a driveway, decorative chippings, gravels and slates can give you a wide variety of colours and textures to make those style ideas come alive. We are one of the regions leading suppliers of decorative aggregates. We supply our range in both bulk and 25 kg bags so whether you have a big job or a small repair to make we probably have the stone your looking for. Broadly speaking our 25kg range consists of gravels, chippings and slates :


In gravels we offer both standard pea gravel and solent gold gravel. Pea gravel is ideal for lining ponds or aquariums, can be used on driveways and walk ways or can be used in plant pots to create drainage. Solent gold gravel is a decorative gravel that is ideal for paths and driveways. The gravel has a rougher texture and is a mix of golden and bright colours that lighten and brighten gardens and driveways no matter what the season.


Our range of chippings includes cotswold stone, monmouth green, canterbury spar and white spar chippings. All our chippings offer colour and texture that will stand out through all seasons. Cotswold stone is a creamy white chipping that stays warm and bright in rain and sunshine. Monmouth green is a sage green that shines in the wet or blends in during the sunshine. Canterbury spar is a pink, white and brown blend that is great for adding contrast to your garden. White spar sparkles in the rain and reflects light in the sunshine, this crystal chipping is great for ornamental features.


We offer 25 kg bags of plum slate and blue slate. Both these slates are glossy and vivid in colour when wet but softer and more contemporary in appearance when in sunshine. Whichever option you choose we can usually offer a bulk bag option if you have a larger job to complete. If you need help identifying how many bags you need to get the right coverage give us a call on 02476 588 909 and we can advise what you need for the space you want to fill.