Larch Lap Fence Panels

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A cheap larch lap fence panel can be a great starting point if you're looking at renewing a garden boundary. These panels, variously known as larch lap, overlap, and waney edge fence panels, are generally available in industry standard widths of six foot and most common heights.

Uses for Larch Lap Fence Panels

These are a basic fence panel that can either be slotted between concrete posts , nailed to the face of timber fence posts, nailed between wooden posts or attached to timber posts using fence panel clips to create a garden boundary or fence off other areas. You can use them in conjunction with concrete gravel boards to keep the bottom edge of the panel off the ground and prevent rot and can add trellis to the top to create extra decoration and height. If you are planning to use trellis make sure your fence posts have enough length so you can pin the trellis to the posts.

Larch Lap Fence Panel Sizes

Our robust larch lap fence panels come in industry standard six foot widths. We supply a variety of heights to suit most applications. We supply 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft high panels. Be careful when choosing the correct panel height to allow for any trellis or gravel boards that you might want. So if you want a 1ft concrete gravel board and a piece of trellis at the top and want a 6ft high fence you will need a 4ft panel and posts that are 8ft in total length (2ft will need to be concreted in the ground). Why Our Panels Are The Ideal Solution These may be our cheapest fence panels but that doesn't mean the quality is poor. We believe these panels should last you a good ten years and here's why : These panels are dip treated to prevent fungal growth and give long lasting colour. Larch Lap Fence Panels are fully framed around the outside on both sides for strength and are capped. Come with five battens on both sides across the panel for rigidity. (37x15mm battens) Are constructed with heavy duty boarding and timbers compared to offerings from other suppliers. Handy Hint 1 - If you are buying posts to go with larch lap fence panels don't forget to buy post 2ft longer than the height of your panel, to allow for setting in concrete! Handy Hint 2 - If you are installing a fence 4ft or lower we recommend using 3x3 timber posts, for fences above 4ft use 4x3 minimum but 4x4 recommended! Check out Related Products for extra accessories.