Concrete Fence Posts

Oakdale Fencing stock a variety of different concrete fence post styles suitable for different fencing requirements. These include slotted concrete fence posts, recessed concrete fence posts, concrete godfather support posts and more.

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Concrete Fence Posts

Concrete fence posts are a long term cost effect method of fencing. Easy to install, concrete fence posts increase the strength of your fence and reduce the risk of rot and wind damage otherwise experienced when using traditional timber fence posts.

Types of Concrete Fence Posts

Here at Oakdale Fencing, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality concrete fence posts available online and throughout the UK. All of our concrete fence posts are manufactured to the highest quality and available for delivery throughout the UK. Whether you're looking for a single concrete fence post, or to bulk order for commercial jobs we can help.

As one of the UK's leading fencing companies we stock an extensive range of concrete fence posts and accessories. This includes slotted concrete fence posts, recessed concrete fence posts, concrete godfather posts and more.

What Heights do Concrete Fence Posts Come in?

Standard concrete fence posts are available in a variety of heights. These range from 5ft to 12ft. The height of concrete fence posts required will depend on the height of your fence panel. As a general rule you should buy concrete fence posts that are 1/3 higher than the height of your fence panels. You may also wish to accommodate for concrete gravel boards.

Advantages of Concrete Fence Posts

Concrete fence posts are made from concrete and metal. They are a strong and durable alternative to traditional wooden fence posts. Capable of withstanding higher winds and providing fence panels with more support, concrete fence posts are a long lasting, durable and strong fencing solution. Easily installed using a post hole digger and postfix concrete, concrete fence posts will last for decades and withstand extremely high winds. The longevity of concrete fence posts means they are good value for money. While traditional wooden fence posts are susceptible to rot and will need treating every few year, the hardwearing nature of concrete fence posts means that they will last for decades and require no maintenance.

How Deep Should Concrete Fence Posts Be?

The depth of your concrete fence post will depend on the height of your fence. The depth of the hole for your fence post should be 1/3 of the overall height of the fence. For example a 8ft concrete fence post will require a 2ft deep hole. This would leave 6ft above ground.

Installing Concrete Fence Posts

Our slotted concrete fence posts available in intermediate, corner and end options, make erecting a fence of any size or height simple and effective.

Once you have measured out your fence and dug your holes, concrete fence posts can be easily installed by two people. Once in place fill the surrounding hole with postfix concrete and with the use of a spirit level ensure that the post is straight and inline with the next post. In the event that your fence panels get damaged, slotted concrete fence posts make the job of swapping and old panel for a new one extremely fast and easy. Simply lift the panel out between its two holding posts and slot in a new one from above. If you wish to increase the life expectancy of your fence panel, you can also slot concrete gravel boards in your concrete fence posts for your panels to rest on. Be sure the take into consideration the height of your gravel boards, fence panels and depth of your hole when purchasing your concrete fence posts.