Chain Link Fencing

All the chain link fencing featured on this page are available from stock with delivery in 2-5 working days, with the exception of the concrete chainlink posts; these are not a stock item and delivery is 2-5 working days.


We have a full and extensive range of chain link fencing supplies and materials for sale throughout the year. Our range of materials is one of the most comprehensive in the Midlands and whether you are looking to repair an existing fence or install a new fence from scratch you can be guaranteed we have the items you need at the best prices.

What Situations Are Best For Chain Link Fencing?

Chain link is an extremely versatile style of fencing, it doesn't offer much in the way of privacy but for affordable security and durability this style of fencing is hard to beat. Chain link fencing can be used on garden boundaries through to premises that require high security such as MOD bases or utility installations. For garden chain link you can opt for a cheaper plastic chain link mesh in heights as low as 900mm (3ft) through to 1.8m (6ft) high. If you need or want higher levels of durability and security you can opt for thicker galvanised chain link fencing. You'll commonly see this style of fencing in parks, around play areas for ball containment, around factories and used on garden perimeters.

What Components Do You Need?

If you are looking to buy a complete kit for installation there are a few items you will need to include. You will need to choose a post type to suit your application and requirements, you will want to select stretcher bars and winders suitable for the style of post you choose and you will need to pick your mesh. The mesh usually comes with the necessary line wire but you will need tying wire or fence clips to attach the mesh to the line wires provided. If you are looking for added security it is worth considering whether you want to add three rows of barb wire to the top of your fence. If you do opt for a barbed top you can need extra items dependant on your post choice. If you opt for concrete posts you will need eye bolts every 50m and tying wire to attach barb wire to intermediate posts. If you opt for timber or steel posts you may need cranked brackets as well as the items used with concrete posts.

What Type Of Chain Link Fencing Posts Do You Need?

If you are looking to create or repair a garden boundary a wooden chain link fence post should suffice. We have a number of timber fence post options available depending on the height of the link. For most fence heights up to six foot a 3 inch by 3 inch tanalised post should do the job. You'll need larger posts (4 ins x 4 ins) for corners and ends. Bear in mind each end will require a strut and each corner or change of direction will need two struts. If your run of fencing is long you'll need strainer posts at fifty metre intervals complete with two struts. If you are looking for durability or security then the best options are likely to be either steel chain link fence posts or concrete. Steel is cheaper but a little less secure (easily bent), concrete fence posts are tougher but harder to install (heavy).

Which Mesh?

The type of mesh you choose will often be decided by budget and application. If you want security don't bother going for a green plastic coated mesh if your budget can stretch to galvanised chain link. Likewise it would be ill-advised to opt for galvanised mesh if you are using timber posts on a garden perimeter, the mesh is likely to outlast the posts. Check out our chain link supplies above for our latest prices and deals. If you have a potentially large order or just need a little advice on your options feel free to give us a call during office hours. We can often negotiate better prices for large quantities and will be happy to advise if you are unsure about the components you need. Our commercial fencing department can offer you installation prices if you need.