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Reclaimed Railway Sleepers


Used railway sleepers – grade “A”, rustic appearance, imperial sizes only.

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Product Description

Our used sleepers are sourced from mainland Europe.

They are graded as ‘A’ class condition. Please bear in mind that the sleepers have spent a decade under the tracks of various railways across Europe and as such will not be in a new, unscathed condition. Grade ‘A’ classification indicates the sleepers are whole and intact, there should not be any rot or major splits. However, there will be minor splits and shakes, but the integrity of the sleeper  should remain intact.

The  minor splits and blemishes are what give these sleepers character and appeal.

If you are looking for a top condition sleeper, you might consider our selection of new sleepers.

Our reclaimed sleepers are ideal for outdoor use.

They are impregnated with creosote to guard against rot and are ideal for use in areas where regular skin contact is not going to be an issue.

These sleepers are great for the creation of retaining walls  or for making steps or ditch crossings.

Sized in imperial measurements only, these sleepers are 8ft 6ins long by 10ins wide by 6ins deep (all sizes quoted are approximate).  

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